What does it cover?

- Creditors Claims
- Deeds executed under false or expired
   Power of Attorneys
- Mistaken interpretation of wills and trust
- Incorrect representation of marital status
- Undisclosed heirs
- Incorrect legal description
- Forged deeds and releases
- Deeds from incompetent persons
- Deeds from minors or non-existent
-Federal, state inheritance and gift
   tax liens

What does it NOT cover?

- Title Risk created and allowed or agreed
   by you.
- Land Use and Zoning
- Improvements on Land
- Environmental protection
- Right to take property by condemnation

How much does it cost?

Title Insurance is based on how much the policy is worth. For example based on a title policy of $100,000.00 the policy is $575.00. It is a ONE TIME policy and is good until you sell or transfer your ownership to a new owner. When
you refinance lenders typically want a Loan Policy, providing your owners policy could save hundreds of dollars. There are additional charges for search and closing fees.

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